Scholarship Support

University's scholarship assistance program

Special systems for enrolled students

Individuals with superior academic performance are selected from among registered students as honor students; they are given tuition exemption to encourage their studies.

Top academic performers (GPA) in the previous academic year
[Exemption amount]
Full amount of tuition fees (maximum)
[Number of students]
18 (1 student each from the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year in each department)

International Students with Superior Selection Examination Scores Tuition Exemption Program

Privately funded international students who have taken the selection examination for admission to the Faculty of Informatics for Arts, who exhibit superior academic performance, are given tuition exemption to encourage their studies.

[Eligible departments]
All departments in Faculty of Informatics for Arts
All or half of tuition exempted for the first academic year
[Eligible persons]
Students with the top results in the Examination for International student selection.

Entrance Fee Reduction Program for Students with Superior Academic Performance on International student selection examination

International students who have participated in the entrance examination, who have passed the examinations with superior academic performance, are given an entrance fee reduction.

[Eligible departments]
Department in the Faculty of Policy Management, Department in the Faculty of Sport Management
Partial admission fee exemption
[Eligible persons]
Students with the top results in the Examination for International student selection.

Entrance Fee Reduction Program for Students with Recommendations from Domestic and Overseas Sister Institutions Passing Entrance Examination

Students who passed the entrance requirements with recommendations from presidents and principals of domestic or overseas sister or affiliated institutions are given entrance fee reduction to reduce their burden on the amount of academic fees paid for the first academic year.

[Eligible departments]
All departments of all faculties
Entrance fee is reduced by 30%.
[Eligible persons]
Individuals who passed the entrance examination with recommendations from domestic and overseas sister or affiliated institutions.

Shobi University Entrance Fee Exemption Program for Children and Siblings of Alumni

The total amount of the entrance fee at an institution established by Shobi Gakuen is exempted for children and siblings of alumni from Shobi University.

Qualification Acquisition Scholarship

1. The test fee is provided as a scholarship when an international student passes the N1 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test while registered with the University.

[Eligible persons]
International students of all faculties.
[Provided amount of funds]
Total amount of N1 test fee.

2. The test fee is provided as a scholarship when an international student takes the BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test administered by the Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation with a score of 530 points (J1 level) or higher while registered with the University.

[Eligible persons]
International students of all faculties.
[Provided amount of funds]
Total amount of the test fee.

Other scholarships

International Students Support Program. (former Monbukagakusho Scholarship for Privately-Financed International Students)

The Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation

Heiwa Nakajima Foundation Scholarships for Foreign Students

Scholarship Program for Foreign Studies at Saito Yo International Scholarship Foundation

Scholarship of Kyoritsu International Foundation

Other assistance

Advisor System

The advisor keeps track of the students' progress with his/her studies and objectively analyzes the future paths of students along with their potential to offer accurate advice in setting directions and determining courses for completing their studies. In addition to the advisors offering guidance and advice relating to studies, the International Exchange Center provides a variety of assistance and support, such as instructions related to issues concerning resident visa qualifications, as well as mediation services for application of visas and application of scholarships so that international students may concentrate on their studies with peace of mind, as well as participation in various student activities.

Japanese Language Courses

Students may earn up to a total of 18 academic credits by taking courses related to Japanese language, such as the Japanese Language, Japanese Culture, Japanese language literacy, as well as Preparatory Course for Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

Japanese language learning support

Japanese language teaching faculties are providing assistance for students wishing to improve their Japanese language skills, four times a week. Students may also receive instruction on work related to Japanese language studies or strategies for taking qualification tests, in general, at any time.

Acquisition of Qualifications

Students can simply take on the challenge of taking qualification tests or enroll in regular classes to prepare for them (book keeping certification tests, TOEFL, Japanese Language Proficiency Test, MOS, IT Passport test, stage system control, etc.). Furthermore, the Student Career Center offers sessions, educational programs, and seminars to help students master qualification acquisition strategies; it also offers opportunities for students to participate in practical double schooling programs available on campus. Lessons can be taken from superior teaching faculties at reasonable rates.

International Exchange Association

International students participate in activities organized by a club recognized by the University, the “International Exchange Association.” Students are encouraged to improve their autonomy, cooperation, responsibility, and social adaptability by participating in new student welcome parties, university fairs, and interchange with students of other universities and high schools in the local area, as well as social observation tours, home stay programs, and such cross-cultural activities.

Student Dormitories

Students are introduced to affiliated student union and companies that manage condominiums used by the students of this University, as the University does not have any dedicated student dormitories. The University may also provide university guarantee (institutional guarantee) on behalf of international students who have superior scholastic and academic performances and do not have any particular issues related to payments or social life.

Support for Employment in Japan

The Student Career Center sponsors classes such as career strategy seminars, career designing, practical sessions on careers and internships, as well as company introductions on campus, seminars for career and employment, and seminars provided by the Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners. Furthermore, assistance through activities intended to open up employment specifically for international students are also being conducted, and students desiring to seek employment in Japan are advised to utilize services provided, and have a consultation as early as possible. Instructions for application to change the visa status of students who have gained employment with domestic employers are provided by the International Exchange Center.

Cross-cultural Exchanges

Efforts are being made to offer international students various opportunities to take part in exchanges with people of local communities, through pro-active participation in cross-cultural exchange projects conducted by elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools in Kawagoe City and neighboring areas. Participations in cross-cultural exchanges outside the University will allow students to further expand their perspectives.

Mediation for applications to Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau

The University takes responsibility to screen all documents for applications to extend resident status periods, to apply for new visas, as well as to obtain permissions to engage in activities other than that permitted under the status of residence with the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau. These screenings are conducted all at once during the months of February and March, which is the period during which many students must renew their visas.