Faculty of Sport Management
Department of Sport Management

For students seeking to become a sports instructor or a sports team administrator.

Themes you can learn


Learn the know-how that is indispensable to the management of the sports team


Create a new culture with “Sports”


Attract with sport events


Sports attract through “Information”

Sports×Data analysis

Helps students develop a sports science


Improve people's health through sports

Students' Benefits from the Department

Point 1

Create new value for sports through the variety of learning

Point 2

A curriculum, focused on post graduation paths

Point 3

Develop practical knowledge and thinking abilities through experience and faculty collaboration programs.

Diploma Policy

Sports Management Department investigates various sports-related problem, solves the issues followed by them, and helps students develop a wide range of professional skills.

Characteristics of Class Subjects

Sports data analysis

Learn to analyze data of various sports, aiming to be able to do it on your own.

Sports brand theory

Our students cultivate the ability to solve sports brands related management issues while examining familiar products and company examples.

Sports Business Theory

Instructing, providing an athletic stadium, selling products and holding events....Students learn about a variety of businesses that are associated with sports, through case examples.

Future Vision (Aspired Occupations)

  • Sports event director
  • Sports team management staff
  • Sports related companies' product development and planning
  • Sports content development staff
  • Tactic planning staff
  • Sports instructors
  • ...and more

Faculty Members

Department of Sport Management, ChairmanProfessor Eiji Mashita (真下 英二)

Born in Ehime Prefecture in 1971. Withdrew from Keio University Graduate School of Law Doctoral Course in Political Science. Took up his current post after being a full-time lecturer and associate professor at the Shobi University Faculty of Policy Management. Kawagoe City Planning Council Member, External Conference Assessment Leader to Kawagoe City Business Project Assessments, and President of Hidaka City Residents Participation Promotion Council. Literary works include “Electoral Systems and Political Parties” (Shinzansha, 2003) (Co-author), “Governance” (Hokuju Shuppan, 2005) (Co-author), “Birth-rate Recovery and Work-life Balance” (Chuo Houki, 2007) (Co-author), and “Introduction to Political Science” (Ichigeisha, 2016) (Co-author), etc.