International Exchange Center

Organization and Operations

The International Exchange Center provides a diverse range of services for “international students working hard in Japan to achieve their dreams,” to help them pursue a fulfilled student life. The Center provides support for their day to day life in Japan, support for learning Japanese, assistance in dealing with the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau, etc. The Center also conducts activities to provide support for language education for the entire population of Shobi University, including Japanese students, such as academic exchange with universities overseas.

International Exchange Center
International Students Support Operations Language education related operations
  1. International student applications (acceptance of applications sent in from domestic as well as overseas locations and document screening)
  2. Advice on student life
  3. Various scholarships
  4. Student registration management (registration, study, and part-time work)
  5. Advice related to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau, Agent/Proxy Application for acquisition of Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status (Study Abroad)
  6. Communicating and liaising activities with relevant embassies and consulates in relation to registered international students
  7. Provision of institutional guarantee for entering into lease agreements for apartments and other accommodations
  8. Emergency response actions related to accidents, crime, and other incidents
  1. Implementation of speech contests
  2. Mini Japanese lessons
  3. Support for entrance examinations provided to individuals with BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test qualifications (score of 530 or higher for J1) and Japanese Language Proficiency TestN1 qualifications
  4. Support and implementation of group participation in taking language tests
  5. Support for activities of International Exchange Associations
  6. Plan and implementation of cross-cultural experiences
  7. Dispatching individuals on short-term overseas language training
  8. Consultation and provision of information regarding overseas language studies

Introduction of Staff Members of the International Exchange Center

I wish you all the best as you study for the entrance examination and promise that I will do my best, once you are accepted to the University, to ensure that your student life in Japan will prove to be a fulfilling one.
(Mr. Naka)

We will do our best supporting foreign students for them to say that "School life is fun and fulfilling."

(Mr. Saito)

We offer a one-stop solution to all, from a variety of support for university life through to consultations about finding work for those who wish to gain employment in Japan. Please feel free to contact us at any time.
(Mr. Hongo)

There always exist issues of concern for international students, and I, along with my colleagues, can help resolve any concerns. I am looking forward to meeting you all.
(Ms. Onozawa)

I am a mother with a son who is a university student. I must be about the same age as your parents. So think of me as your ‘mother in Japan’ and feel free to ask me anything!
(Ms. Hirayama)

Since I used to be an international student in Japan myself, I am eager to provide support to all international students.

(Ms. Sato)

As [Former Shobi students] and [Former international students] we support your full university life. We are looking forward to meeting you.
(Ms. Ma)