Faculty of Informatics for Arts
Department of Music Expression

For students seeking to become a performer or composer.

Two Courses

Pops Course

Students will engage deeply with their learning in one to one lessons tailored to their musical ability. A unique feature of this course is that students learn through experiencing the capacities required in music workspaces using industry-standard facilities with the latest equipment.

Classic Course

We aim to refine the capacities that students will need in society and to achieve personal growth as they learn all the essential skills of classical music throughout the four years of the course. Another feature of the course is that one-to-one lessons are developed with an emphasis on the individuality and future directionality of the student in the fields of piano/wind, stringed instruments, and composition.

Students' Benefits from the Department

Point 1

Establishment of two courses of highly flexible and personalized study.

Point 2

Thoroughly strengthen the fundamental abilities in music that is necessary for the chosen specialty.

Point 3

Self-management skills development by practical studies.

Diploma Policy

Faculty of Informatics for Arts pursues various artistic and media-based expressions, and cultivates a wide range of professional skills in the students.

Characteristics of Class Subjects

Practical Skills in Major Field of Study

Each student is provided with practical lessons throughout the four years of their major course, and their musical performance techniques are refined based on one-to-one instruction from specialist teaching staff.


Students will copy or arrange the part of each respective instrument in the piece of pop music set as the exercise, and each group will perform after practicing simultaneous performance.

Compositional Methods

Students will learn the core knowledge and approach to music required for compositions and improve their specialist technical skills and knowledge, such as form, composition, harmony, and instrumentation.

Future Vision (Aspired Occupations)

Pops Course
  • Musical artists
  • Composers/arrangers
  • Lyricists
  • Studio musicians
  • Musical instructors
  • Record companies and other music industry-related roles
  • ...and more
Classic Course
  • Pianist
  • Accompanist
  • Orchestra member
  • Band member
  • Wind instrument instructor
  • Chamber music player
  • Music class teacher
  • Composer (Art music・Drama/film scores・Game music, etc.)
  • Arranger (Orchestra/wind instrument instructor, etc.)
  • Sound artist (game music, etc.)
  • ...and more

Faculty Members

Department of Music Expression, ChairmanProfessor Fumio Goto (後藤 文夫)

Graduated from the Faculty of Music at Tokyo University of the Arts and graduated from the Master's Degree Program in Music at the Graduate School of Tokyo University of the Arts. Awarded the Ataka Prize given by Tokyo University of the Arts to superior graduates. Studied euphonium under Hibiki Minowa, Toru Miura, and the late Kiyoshi Oishi. Held nine recitals. Participated in numerous concerts and recording sessions primarily in the field of wind instrument music until 1988. Formed the quartet “Shishiza” comprised of euphonium and tuba and participated in eight scheduled performances and various concerts in 1989. Professional activities switched to tenor tuba and bass trumpet player in philharmonic orchestras from 1986 year on and participated in concerts and recordings of NHK Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, and the like and gained popularity. Authored the book Easiest Lessons for Euphonium: A Book for Creating Your First Sound in 1995. Appointed to the post of Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the Japan Euphonium Tuba Association for six years beginning May 2000.Resident conductor of the Shobi Wind Philharmony.