Introduction of Facilities and Equipment | Shobi University

Facilities & Equipment

Kawagoe is a town of culture and history, also referred to as “Koedo” (Little Edo) as it flourished as the inner parlor of Edo, the capital city of Tokyo.

The University campus is a 7-minute ride away on our free school bus departing from Kawagoe Station (serving Tobu-tojo line, JR Saikyo line, and Kawagoe line) and a 10-minute ride from Honkawagoe Station (Seibu Shinjuku line).

The grounds in front of the University campus contain rows of modern buildings with sharp silhouettes and a circular plaza at the center, in stark contrast against the streets of Kawagoe, with its strong historical overtones. Rural scenes spread beyond the campus to provide a peaceful space with the latest technologies. These elements merge wonderfully to help nurture the potential of our students.

Lecture Room Buildings
Shobi Pastoral Hall
Shobi Commemorative Hall 2000
Circle Activities Building
Media Center
Lesson Rooms
Percussion Instruments Room
Keyboard Practice Room
Practice Rooms
Digital Music Practical Session Room
Digital Image Practical Session Room
Ensemble Performance Practice Room
Drumming Room
Molding Crafts Workshop
Drawing Room
MA Room
Recording Studio
Recording Studio Control Room
Production Studio
Editing Room
Production Studio Control Room
Computer Graphics Practical Session Room
Building for Theater Studies
Large Practice Room for Theater Studies
Performing Arts Studios
Performing Arts and Theater
Lecture Room Building Entrance
Student Lounge
Athletic Tracks
Baseball Field
Physical Training Room
Soccer Field
Shobi Kyudokan Kendo Hall
Tennis Courts
Student Career Center
Counseling Room
Infirmary 1
Infirmary 2
School Buses