About Shobi University

University Motto / Guiding Principles for the University

University Motto: “Wisdom and love”

Shobi University's motto “Wisdom and love” holds the meaning of respecting beauty (shobi) to achieve higher culture (all-round education) and nurturing wisdom and love for consideration and benevolence.

The forefathers of the University founder, such as Naoshi Akamatsu, were physicians for lords of the Kasama Domain during the Edo Period. They particularly emphasized the essential nature of mankind, such as love (benevolence), which appears in the concept “Medicine is a benevolent art.” The educational policy of the University at the time of its founding was “To nurture reliable individuals with rich culture and promising musical training.” The root of the motto “Wisdom and love” lies at the core of “love,” which is the ideology of the founder who considered rich “culture” to be the “cultivation of wisdom.”

Guiding Principles for the Establishment of the University: “Courage and creativity”

Shobi University was established at the beginning of the 21st Century as a four-year university comprised of two faculties and three departments, namely, the Faculty of Informatics for Arts consisting of the Departments of Music Expression and Information Expression, and the Faculty of Policy Management comprising the Department of Policy Management.

Our prior institution offering junior college education was dissolved in a progressive manner so that a new university could be established that would offer four-year programs of study aimed at the substantiation of a broad yet specialized educational system. This change was made in response to unprecedented structural changes that have occurred in our society. The guiding principles for the establishment of the University are “Courage and creativity.” This is an educational policy based on the concept of always taking resolute actions with “courage,” not only in the artistic fields with a primary focus on music, but also in fields that are new to all those involved in academic studies. At the same time, the University nurtures individuals who are capable of “creating” new fields and solutions on their own and who have the “courage” to share their “creations” with others.

The University currently offers tertiary level education administered according to the motto “Wisdom and love” to provide education that is founded on the guiding principles for the University's establishment, “Courage and creativity.”