To Parents and Guardians | Shobi University (尚美学園大学)
To Parents and Guardians | Shobi University

To Parents and Guardians

Summary of Annual Events for Students

Other than the Enrollment Ceremony and Commencement, the University sponsors events to help international students experience a fulfilling student life while attending the University, such as the welcoming party for new international students, Autumn Social Observation Tour, Japanese Speech Contest, and a variety of cross-cultural activities.

Realities of Student Life for International Students

Outline of support for international students

Shobi University provides support for international students studying at the University, by distributing scholarships, guaranteeing accommodations, filing applications with the Immigration Bureau, conducting procedures with local government offices, and providing advice on daily life as well as other support for general living. Strategies for international students to gain employment in Japan are also being formulated by the University.

Search of Condominiums for Student Accommodation

Affiliated student unions and companies that manage condominiums used by students of this University are introduced to students, since the University does not have any dedicated student dormitories. The University may also provide a university guarantee (institutional guarantee) on behalf of international students who have superior scholastic and academic performance and do not have any problems related to payments or social life.
Affiliated student union
University student condominium

Summary of Businesses Looking to Recruit Employees at Shobi University

Track Record of Employment by International Student Graduates

International student graduates are gainfully employed in a variety of fields based on the specialized knowledge they gained while attending Shobi University, such as audio-visual, information and communication, trading companies, and the service industry (tourism), as well as various other fields.

Summary of Student Fees

A reduction of tuition fees by 30% over the four-year period of attendance is provided (while there are criteria for acquiring the prescribed number of academic credits and the like, most students are eligible for tuition reduction). In four years, students studying in the Department of Music Business pay tuition of JPY1,320,000 and students studying in the Department of Information Expression pay JPY1,020,000, while students studying in the Faculty of Policy Management pay JPY816,000. This means they are exempted from paying for the amount equivalent to the tuition of the fourth year.

Living Environment of Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, Location of Shobi University

Kawagoe is typical urban community in Saitama Prefecture and is one of very few educational cities where there are many public and private schools. Kawagoe is also known as “Koedo” (Little Edo or Ancient Tokyo), and it has many historical buildings and remnants, such as castle ruins, shrines, temples, historic sites, and historical buildings. About 6.2 million tourists visit tourist destinations in the city, and recently, there have been an increasing number of foreign tourists as well.