Entrance Examination & Admission Information

Admission Process from Application to Completion

Admission Process from Application to Completion

1. University Homepage Examination Information Site
Please access the "Examination Information Site" from the University homepage
2.ID (Mail Address) Registration
Please register your e-mail address as your ID at My Page Registration screen. The URL for "My Page" Registration will be sent from the University site to the registered email address.
3. "My Page" Registration
Please finish registration by entering your personal information using "My Page" Registration URL
4. "My Page" Login /
Application Information registration
※Registration is possible only during the application period
While logged in to My Page, register the application following the instructions on the Application Registration screen.
※ Please note that the application procedure is not completed even after the Application Information is registered.
5. Application documents printing
After registering the Application Information, please print the documents required for application on A4 paper.
6. Entrance examination fee payment
You can use a convenience store, credit card and Pay-easy to pay the Entrance Examination Fee of 35,000 yen.
※ An additional fee will be charged.
7. Sending application documents by mail
Please put the documents required for application such as “Application Confirmation form” in the 角2 envelope (A4 paper size), attach the printed “Address for application envelope” on the envelope, and mail it from the post office window by simple registered mail or express mail.
※ Please check the Application Documents in The Entrance Examination Requirements.
8. Download examination admission ticket
Please download and print out the admission ticket from “My Page.”
9. Day of Examination
Please be sure to prepare your "examination ticket" on the day.
10. Examination results Announced
Examination results will be announced via "My page".
11. Complete Application Procedure for Admission
Successful candidates should download the admission guidelines, transfer the student fees, and submit the admission documents by the given deadline.

An application for the Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status will be issued once the admission procedure has been completed.
* The International Exchange Center of the University will take full responsibility to make a proxy application on behalf of the admitted students with the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau.

Obtaining the “Student” Residence Status

International students whose admission to the university has been approved can obtain the “Student” residence status. To do so, students living outside Japan should prepare the necessary documents to apply for a “Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status.” After that, the university will submit a proxy application to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau on the student's behalf. Please enter Japan after receiving the “Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status” and obtaining a visa at the consular division of the Japanese Embassy in your home country. In addition to university staff, applications can be made by the applicant's relatives who reside in Japan or guarantors in Japan.