Department of Sport Managemen

Department of Sport Management, Faculty of Sport Management

For students seeking to become a sports instructor or a sports team administrator.

Themes you can learn

Sports×Business Learn the know-how that is indispensable to the management of the sports team
Sports×Marketing Create a new culture with "Sports"
Sports×Events Attract with sport events
Sports×Entertainment Sports attract through “Information”
Sports×Data analysis Helps students develop a sports science
Sports×Teaching・Coaching Improve people's health through sports

Students’ Benefits from the Department

Point 1
Create new value for sports through the variety of learning
Point 2
A curriculum, focused on post graduation paths
Point 3
Develop practical knowledge and thinking abilities through experience and faculty collaboration programs.

Diploma Policy

Sports Management Department investigates various sports-related problem, solves the issues followed by them, and helps students develop a wide range of professional skills.

Characteristics of Class Subjects

Department of Human Life Management | Shobi University

Sports data analysis

Learn to analyze data of various sports, aiming to be able to do it on your own.

Department of Human Life Management | Shobi University

Sports brand theory

Our students cultivate the ability to solve sports brands related management issues while examining familiar products and company examples.

Department of Human Life Management | Shobi University

Sports Business Theory

Instructing, providing an athletic stadium, selling products and holding events....

Students learn about a variety of businesses that are associated with sports, through case examples.

Future Vision (Aspired Occupations)

  • Sports event director
  • Sports team management staff
  • Sports related companies’ product development and planning
  • Sports content development staff
  • Tactic planning staff
  • Sports instructors
  • ...and more