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Department of Policy Management, Faculty of Policy Management

For students seeking to become an event producer, an entrepreneur or a self-employed professional.

3 Courses of Study

Public and Social Contribution Course Covering the political science and law as the main components, and sociology and the communication studies as subsidiary components, this course will train students to succeed in such fields as political administration, police, fire services, education, and welfare.
Management Planning Course Involving economics and business administration as the main components, and law and politics as subsidiary components, this course will improve students’ business acumen and will train students to succeed as entrepreneurs or corporate managers, as well as in the business development departments of companies.
Business Professional Course With sociology and communication studies as the main components, and economics and business administration as subsidiary components, this course aims to train business personnel who can provide advanced-level customer services.

Students’ Benefits from the Department

Point 1
Students gain computer literacy and sophisticated levels of information processing capabilities through advanced information education.
Point 2
In language education, eight languages including English can be chosen to study. The programs emphasize in acquiring practical language skills as well as conversational skills.
Point 3
Simulated court sessions and virtual corporate establishments are performed by students as “college work” that presumes real applications in society.
Point 4
Small classes centering on practical studies begin from the first year. The instructors in charge will guide students with learning methods that suit to each student’s desired field of study.

Diploma Policy

The Faculty of Policy Management aims to nurture students to become individuals capable of confronting a variety of policy issues in modern society within a diverse range of fields to formulate policies based on problem detection and problem solution thought patterns.

Characteristics of Class Subjects

Department of Policy Management | Shobi University

Public Administration

Mechanisms of central government and municipal governments are explained in simple terms

What mechanisms are behind Japan’s government administration, and how do they function? In this class, students find answers to these questions and examine the problems the nation holds. They acquire the abilities to think deeply and solve problems.

Department of Policy Management | Shobi University

Fundamentals of Law

What law is, learned through daily lives and events

The course of study considers aspects of law in relation to a variety of topics, such as crime, environmental protection, family life, properties, international society, and bioethics. Students gain a deeper understanding of the objectives and reasons for the existence of laws.

Department of Policy Management | Shobi University

International Economics

Learn about global society through the topic of trade

Students in the course of study consider the effectiveness of customs duty and importance of free trade treaties through an understanding of how they impact the domestic economy, in order to investigate the mechanisms of trade.

Future Vision (Aspired Occupations)

Public and Social Contribution
  • Local Government Worker
  • Police Officer
  • Nonprofit Organization (NPO) Employee
  • ...and more
Management Planning
  • Entrepreneur
  • Small Business Owner
  • Corporate Planning Officer
  • Corporate Business Development Officer
  • ...and more
Business Professional
  • Corporate Business Department Worker
  • Corporate Sales Department Worker
  • Shop Assistants
  • Service Industry Worker
  • ...and more