Department of Performing Arts | Shobi University

Department of Performing Arts, Faculty of Informatics for Arts

For students seeking to become an actor or a stage producer.

3 Courses of Study

Musical Course Classical theater is learned in addition to modern performance expression to nurture actors who are capable of using a diverse range of expressions, as well as vocalists, voice actors, and performance production staff. A wide range of study courses related to musicals is made available to enable students to acquire a deep and broad range of knowledge and culture, in addition to sophisticated expressive abilities.
Acting Course A characteristic of the curriculum is the availability of classes about planning and production as well as lighting, acoustics, and other matters related to actors so that graduating students have a broad range of career paths to choose from. The course aims to train students to become actors who will lead the acting industry, by nurturing individuals who can fully exhibit their abilities, whether in playwriting, performance, or production.
Dancing Course The course nurtures dancers who will be successful around the world, mainly in the genres of ballet, tap, and contemporary dance. The curriculum allows students to become performers, dance masters, choreographers, or the like, which expands their future potential. A characteristic of the instruction is that it responds to a broad range of needs in society, such as the needs for planning and production in theater and for instructors involved with education, among others.

Students’ Benefits from the Department

Point 1
The teaching faculty include top-rated artistic directors, producers, and choreographers, who have assisted numerous individuals entering the industry and who have drawn much attention through their work.
Point 2
Emphasis is placed on the creation of a foundation for expressive performance. The course of study enables students to acquire both theory and culture, which is possible only through four years of university study.
Point 3
A new facility equipped with lesson studios has also been completed. The University has paid special attention to creating an environment that can be utilized for stage performances.

Diploma Policy

Individuals acquire reliable skills required for creative work by studying a varied and diverse range of performing arts to learn stage expression, in order to achieve international success.

Characteristics of Class Subjects

Department of Performing Arts | Shobi University

Musical Expression Practical Sessions

Expressive abilities polished through scene studies and performances

Lessons are intended for students to acquire specialized knowledge for singing, dancing, and acting in musicals and then to merge this knowledge and utilize it as a means of expression.

Department of Performing Arts | Shobi University

Performance Expression Practical Sessions

Learning performance expression and stage performance

Students participate in the production of a theatrical piece that progresses towards a stage performance, a process that involves overcoming a variety of difficulties and problems and also experiencing the joy of achievement.

Department of Performing Arts | Shobi University

Fundamental Dance Expression Practical Sessions

Acquiring fundamentals for classical ballet and tap dancing

Students acquire fundamental dance techniques that are essential for individuals who perform on stage. Instructions are given in such a way that students not only learn the skills but also gain a deeper understanding of the cultural background behind the technique.

Future Vision (Aspired Occupations)

  • Musical actor
  • Producer
  • Artistic director
  • Voice actor
  • Vocalist
  • Voice trainer
  • Stage manager
  • Event planner
  • Concert promoter
  • Theater and culture hall staff
  • ...and more
  • Actor
  • Producer
  • Playwright
  • Stage director
  • Stage staff
  • Stage producer
  • Theater & cultural hall staff
  • Manager
  • Planning & production staff
  • ...and more
  • Dancer
  • Ballet dancer
  • Performer
  • Dance director & choreographer
  • Dance class instructor
  • Stage staff
  • Ballet instructor
  • ...and more