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Department of Music Expression, Faculty of Informatics for Arts

For students seeking to become a performer or composer.

9 Majors

Virtuoso Major This major aims to train professional musicians. In addition to advanced lessons and special programs, students will undergo training that will help them succeed in competitions and auditions.
Piano Performance Major During the first and second years, a grading system is adopted with an aim to guide students while respecting their individuality. From the third year, students can select piece matching their future goals and can specialize in their research. The curriculum also includes substantial teacher training.
Vocal Performance Major This major will provide private lessons considering the individuality of each student and his/her desired future course. Using operas as teaching materials which can be compared to treasure chests containing affluent sources of expression and knowledge, we will nurture well-educated vocal specialists who own rich power of expression.
Orchestral Instruments Performance Major The professional teaching staff of various instruments will provide one-to-one lessons. In addition to improving individual skills, students will learn the rules of ensemble performance and will cultivate skills that can be used while playing a part in a large group.
Composition Major Dividing into Classical and Popular, the specialized curricula have been designed to accumulate theory and practice in order to meet students' individual needs. While the students will be given strong foundation in musical theory, they will focus on obtaining their own musical languages to the highest level through weekly composition lessons.
Jazz Performance Major Students will acquire a practical foundation in Jazz on the basis of the theory of Bebop. Furthermore, they will be given instructions of theory and ensemble techniques as well as foundations of Latin and Funk music. Students will also practically learn how to improvise fluently through experiences in sessions.
Popular Music Performance Major This major aims to train students who want to be a part of next generation of pop music. They will take practical classes and seminars to develop their creative and performance skills in addition to gaining experience with computer music production technology.
Music Liberal Arts Major This major was developed for students with a strong desire to acquire musical knowledge and who “love music.” In terms of practical skills, students can choose to learn one instrument for four years or a different instrument in every semester.
Music Education Major The curriculum emphasizes on-the-field experience and will train students who demonstrate strong leadership skills in the classroom. By obligating practice in supplementary courses, this major will cultivate the performance and singing skills required in actual educational situations.

Students’ Benefits from the Department

Point 1
There are 9 majors established and you can choose the one that suits your learning preferences the most.
Point 2
Thoroughly strengthen the fundamental abilities in music that is necessary for the chosen specialty.
Point 3
Self-management skills development by practical studies.

Diploma Policy

Faculty of Informatics for Arts pursues various artistic and media-based expressions, and cultivates a wide range of professional skills in the students.

Characteristics of Class Subjects

Department of Music Expression | Shobi University

Practical Skills in Major Field of Study

Weekly, personal one-on-one lessons provided for practical skills

Knowledge and techniques required to perform selected pieces are acquired through individual lessons.

Students are trained to interpret the style from the composers and acquire the essential expressive abilities for responding to such interpretation.

Department of Music Expression | Shobi University

Popular Music Arrangements

Study of musical arrangement methods and training on techniques

A thorough study is conducted of the musical arrangement methods for popular music styles.

Analyses and training sessions are also held in parallel to ensure that students acquire the techniques and understand how musical instruments are played.

Department of Music Expression | Shobi University

Outline and Exercises in Musical Therapy

Considering “healing” as a new realm of music expression

The study examines “healing” and “expression” from the perspectives of science and art, through the consideration of practical examples.

Practical sessions include musical therapy activities conducted in a workshop setting.

Future Vision (Aspired Occupations)

  • Professional Musician
  • Overseas Study
  • ...and more
Music Liberal Arts
  • Professional Band Management Staff
  • Stage Director
  • Music Critic
  • Musical Instrument Store Salesperson (instruments, scores, CDs, and DVDs)
  • ...and more
Music Education
  • Junior High/High School Teacher (Music)
  • Kindergarten Teacher (In case you have taken a partnering correspondence education)
  • ...and more
Piano Performance
  • Pianist
  • Accompanist
  • Music School Instructor
  • Culture Center Lecturer
  • ...and more
Vocal Performance
  • Vocalist
  • Voice Trainer
  • Choir Member
  • Choir Conductor/Instructor
  • Bridal Singer
  • ...and more
Orchestral Instruments Performance
  • Orchestra Member
  • Wind Orchestra Member
  • Wind Orchestra Conductor/Instructor
  • Chamber Musician
  • Music School Instructor
  • ...and more
  • Composer (Art music・Background music・Game music, etc.)
  • Orchestrator
  • Sound Artist (Game music, etc.)
  • ...and more
Jazz Performance
  • Jazz Musician
  • Studio Musician
  • Instructor
  • ...and more
Popular Music Performance
  • Lyricist
  • Studio Musician
  • Artist
  • ...and more