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Department of Information Expression, Faculty of Informatics for Arts

For students seeking to become an acoustic engineer, program planner or producer.

5 Fields

Department of Information Expression includes fields such as Acoustics and Image. Each field resembles a course that consists of a closed set of specialized subjects. However, students in a particular field may cross over to other fields following their own interests under the multi-field system.

Acoustics Field The Acoustics field provides the basis of acoustics and extensive techniques for sound contents creation, such as post processing, hall acoustics, and audio recording.
Image Field The Image field provides students with the necessary professional knowledge and technical skills that can be acquired through experience and practical learning at job sites.
CG and Art Field The CG/Art field provides the basis for artistic expression that embodies individual imagination in painting, drawing, and modeling.
Games and Applied Computing Field The Games and Applied Computing field helps students learn theories on topics ranging from information technology to art to gain abundant knowledge and develop rich imaginations.
Web Entertainment Field The Web Entertainment field enables students to acquire versatile abilities in entertainment industries, including planning, producing, and marketing skills.

Students’ Benefits from the Department

Point 1
Students learn comprehensive subjects in acoustics, visual images, computer graphics, the internet, and other arts and technologies.
Point 2
Students choose from a wide spectrum of subjects according to their interests and career targets through our multi-field system.
Point 3
Students may use full cutting-edge facilities and equipment on campus around the clock on application.
Point 4
Students acquire sophisticated specialized techniques through specialized education given to small groups of students. The capability of the University to teach students through this program has been highly evaluated and has led to high recruitment rates of our students in the job market.

Diploma Policy

Department of Information Expression nurtures human resources with progressive expertise that will meet the requirements of the digital contents industry in the following 5, 10, or even 20 years, by integrating conventional artistic education with computer science and media communications.

Characteristics of Class Subjects

Department of Information Expression | Shobi University

Sound Engineering

Students are trained to become professionals equipped with knowledge of technique and theory

Students study operating principles to understand the differences between analog and digital recordings.

Students learn acoustic theory, recording techniques, operation of the mixing console, etc., which are essential to the creation of sound contents.

Department of Information Expression | Shobi University

Picture and Drama Seminar

Students produce dramatic pieces, working with playwrights and actors

Students create 20- to 30-minute-long programs using scenarios written by professional playwrights and work with professional actors. Students learn everything about drama production by engaging in the process.

Department of Information Expression | Shobi University

Computer Graphic Animation Practical Sessions

Students take on the challenges of producing original work

Students acquire the concept of three-dimensional coordinates and take part in production processes.

Students also master the techniques used for image effects and camera work to reflect the intentions of production.

Future Vision (Aspired Occupations)

  • Acoustic staff
  • Sound mixer
  • Concert PA
  • MA mixer
  • Concert hall management
  • ...and more
  • Video director
  • Video producer
  • Video camera staff
  • Lighting staff
  • Radio and TV broadcasting technician
  • TV cameraman
  • ...and more
CG and Art
  • CG animator
  • CG designer
  • Graphics designer
  • Character designer
  • Sculptor
  • ...and more
Games and Applied Computing
  • Game programmer
  • Merchandise planning and development (software)
  • Game planner (director)
  • Systems engineer
  • ...and more
Web Entertainment
  • Web designer
  • Web planner
  • Advertisement planner
  • Software programmer
  • Network technologist
  • ...and more