Department of Music Business Development | Shobi University

Department of Music Business Development, Faculty of Informatics for Arts

For students seeking to become a sound engineer or a music producer.

2 Courses of Study

Multimedia Music Course While learning music basics and theories, such as harmony, students use apps and equipment while constantly checking with the sound.
Music Business Course A unique course curriculum based on learning music production, management and rights that closely relates to the real world.

Students’ Benefits from the Department

Point 1
Acknowledging the latest industry information, and cultivating the professional abilities that the industry requires
Point 2
Adaptation to technological progress by being introduced to the newest studies and technologies
Point 3
Developing personality while learning the course and nurturing senses

Diploma Policy

Faculty of Informatics for Arts pursues various artistic and media-based expressions, and helps students develop a wide range of professional skills.

Characteristics of Class Subjects

Department of Music Business Development | Shobi University

Computer Music

Skills essential for performing on musical instruments

Students are taught the fundamentals for the sophisticated application of music production using computers.

Emphasis is placed on understanding MIDI related software, which is advantageous in playing electronic instruments.

Department of Music Business Development | Shobi University

DAW Utilization Study

Musical arrangement skills are gained through direct experience

Musical arrangement and orchestration skills are acquired through practical training involving the use of the music production software DAW.

The lessons start with the concept of tune combinations and the arrangement of rhythm sections.

Department of Music Business Development | Shobi University

Management Psychology

Techniques of drawing out artists’ talents

The capabilities required to manage artists are explained from a psychological perspective.

Students acquire skills that are useful for them as staff members at work, through practical training.

Future Vision (Aspired Occupations)

Multimedia Music
  • Sound creator
  • Multimedia creator
  • Game music creator
  • Application developer
  • Sound coordinator
  • Sound engineer
  • Sound programmer
  • Stage coordinator
  • ...and more
Music Business
  • Concert promoter
  • Musical program planner and producer
  • Music director
  • Music publishing planner
  • Music video planner
  • Music copyright administrator
  • Concert planning and production
  • Artist manager
  • ...and more